Hello! My name is Murat Jakishev

General professional education and the choice of life path in my case have coincided: i am a civil engineer by education and by calling.

2005 - i've graduated from the Karaganda State Technical University with a degree in Civil and Industrial Construction
2005/2010 - i began my career from the construction of civil projects, and then i went through all stages of development from Civil Engineer to the executive director of various construction companies
2011/2015 - i have been engaged in construction and project management in the mining industry as a director of construction and capital projects 
2015/2016 - i've received an Executive MBA degree from Stockholm School of Economics  
2016/2018 - i've been engaged in construction and management of a civil engineering project as CEO 
2017 - i have received an MBA degree from the Skolkovo business sсhool
2018/2019 - i have created an  MYP  partnership project in the field of project management and consulting, were i've been advising on the development of urban space and attracting investment into the capital projects in Tashkent, the Republic of Uzbekistan
2020/2021 - i have been actively  engaged in the development and management of the ShalkiyaZinc Project
2021/2022 - i have completed a course on Advanced business managment at Stockholm School of Economics
2022 present i have launched the management of projects in ferrous metallurgy
2022 - present i have launched  a personal MYP project on capital projects management in mining industry through the prism of sustainable development


I can offer you effective project management solutions that include flexible options for outsourcing project activities and sustainable outstaffing through the creation of integrated project teams of professionals

My team of professonals and i will help you decide on a sustainable development strategy for your company through project management.

To do this, we will use the best practices of PMI, 3Pexpress, Agile, OKR

Analysis of business processes, diagnostics of technical management solutions in capital projects (industrial and civil construction).

I will do this by measuring the effectiveness of the decisions made by the reconsiliation method: Initial Data – Design; Design – Actual Implementation, Actual Implementation – Efficiency of Indicators, so we can understand the cost balance of the technical decisions made to increase the cost of projects. After the analysis we can focus on improving efficiency

Formation of own project teams does not always meet the expectations of stakeholders for a number of reasons. 

If you are determined to outsource project management services with the selection of integrated teams, including the transfer of your staff, then this option is also possible

If you are looking for an opportunity to protect your projects during the turbulence at the construction markets, then we can create a chain of reliable suppliers and select flexible financial instruments to hedge your risks

By building a sustainable value chain in the form of a capital project built on ESG indicators, we will come to a list of “green suppliers” (non-toxic)

If your project needs to be managed according to the EPC, EPC+M, (FIDIC, PMC), EPC+F model, then we can create and manage this interface as a Project Manager, while ensuring project transparency for stakeholders

If you are modernizing existing production facilities, or if your industrial enterprise is preparing for a transition to digital solutions, we will formulate the concept of energy transition in order to reduce the carbon footprint

I will develop with my team of professionals a digital transformation architecture from plant automation to digital twins using software by leading producers of plant digital transformation solutions 

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